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        About Us
        Jiangsu Xuzhou Jimei Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xuzhou, a famous city with a long history of culture in the Han Dynasty. Since its establishment, it has been specialized in the production and processing of various glass bottles and covers. The company has advanced automated line machine production line, professional injection molding, spraying, silk screen, decals workshop.The company has a group of professional foreign trade and scientific and technical personnel, has strong product development capabilities and sales system, establishes…
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        Jimei Packaging - Service support
        Corporate Style
        The company has a complete set of production equipment, advanced testing equipment...
        Over the years, Jimei Packaging takes the revitalization of national industry as...
        Customer service
        Jimei Packaging has established a set of perfect after-sales service system...
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        Jiangsu Jimei Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
        Add:Mau Village Industrial Park, Copper Mt. District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu
        Contacts:Miss Yu(086-15895287758?) 
                      Mr. Yang ( 086-18168751821 )
        Copyright:Jiangsu Jimei Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.